Down on the Farm

Occasional musings about farm life and what's happening at the farm.

Harvest begins

We just started harvesting the 2015 heirloom garlic crop. So far, the garlic's looking good. Very good.

Estonian Red, Chesnok Red, Penasco Blue and Susan Delafield were harvested over the weekend. The bulbs, as you can see, have good size, good clove development and plenty of bulb wrappers for good storage. 

But boy, were they muddy. It's been raining almost every day for the last week.  Weeds are growing like mad, and we're digging bulbs as fast as we can. Keep your fingers crossed that the rain keeps draining quickly so we can continue harvesting!


Here's what Chesnok Red looked like when it came out of the ground. The bulbs were nice and big, but a lot of muddy clay clung to those roots. Not fun for harvesting.