Heirloom Garlic Samplers

Taking orders now for fall 2014 shipment

If you love garlic and new taste sensations, you need to try one of our heirloom garlic samplers. Samplers include some of the varieties we offer for individual sale as well as rare heirloom varieties we grew in smaller quantities. You'll receive bulbs suitable for planting and eating. So be adventurous! Tempt your taste buds with one of our sampler packs.   

Shipping starts in late August/early September.

Spicy Sampler (per lb)

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spicy sampler red janice.jpg
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Spicy Sampler (per lb)

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Some like it hot!

The garlic varieties in this sampler pack will definitely add a kick to guacamole or any other dishes where you'd like some spice. Eaten raw, these heirloom garlic bulbs will pack heat. Click here for more information. Available for pre-sale now! Ships in September.

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