Chesnok Red

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Sold Out for 2013.

Chesnok Red should be called "the Goldilocks garlic." It's not too hot, not too mild, and just right for so many recipes. This hardneck heirloom variety adds a rich--but not overpowering--garlic flavor to eggs, seafood, soups, stews and meats. It also has large, easy-to-peel cloves. When roasted, Chesnok Red turns garlicky-sweet. 

  • Purple stripe hardneck garlic
  • Listed as a rare garlic in Canada's Seeds of Diversity catalog
  • Beautiful medium to extra large bulbs
  • Large cloves with reddish color on the outer husk
  • Becomes sweet when baked, excellent for roasted garlic
  • 9-10 cloves per bulb
  • Good disease resistance
  • 1 pound should yield 5 to 7 pounds when grown in good conditions
Producer: Salt River Garlic Company
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